Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More orchids! 2

Check out this adorable green/yellow guy :)

I picked the best one I could find, but I got what I paid for...

It's super cute, but some of the buds shriveled up :( This happened to me last year, when I bought my first orchid. After a couple fell off, I just trimmed the ends off those branches. Luckily, some of the buds are still green and plump. One even bloomed and all the other blooms still look good! So maybe I got it in good growing conditions soon enough to save it.

Aren't the little red freckles pretty?!

And if anyone noticed the black/white photo in the first shot, yes it's an orchid — the photo was taken on our honeymoon to the Biltmore estate. The greenhouse had the most beautiful orchids. So yeah, I have an orchid growing next to a picture of an orchid. :)


  1. Well, it's important to give the orchid something to aspire to, lest it become all directionless and flaky.

  2. LOL! Good point — everyone needs a good role model.