Monday, March 15, 2010

Plans: sticking to my guns

Last year I planned on having a completely edible garden. But by my first trip to the garden center that goal was shot dead.

I went to the garden center to get pansies, violas and marigolds — which are edible, so don't think I was there to cheat! But I started loading up my cart, and I couldn't help but get one of almost every color. They're all just too pretty! And then I saw the alyssum, and the strawflower, and the petunias....

And the lantana, and the sweet potato vine, and the black sweet potato vine, and the snap dragons, and the vinca vine, and the hyacinth, and the iris....

So, yeah, I was bad. It was so beautiful! But this year I'm going to stick to my intention to have a food garden. Not a flower garden.

Still going to have nasturtiums, pansies and marigolds, though. They're...salad garnishes. Yeah. Garnishes.

And maybe I'll find a very good reason to cheat. :)

1 comment:

  1. Snaps from your garden last yeasr was a treat to the eyes ... so it doesn't matter if you cheat :)

    Inspired by your blog, I planted a few edibles in my balcony last weekend ... and today I am able to see a few shoots of garlic!