Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Marigolds, peppers, tomatoes, violas

It rained a lot last week. At least it seems that everything loves it. At least, nothing is dying on me. *knock on wood

Enjoy the photos :)

violas and nasturtiums from last year's saved seeds

marigolds from last year's saved seeds

patio tomato

'italia' pepper

jalapeno pepper

bell boy pepper

'hot portugal' pepper


  1. i like those marigold flowers
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  2. Nice photoes! I only started this year in spring, when we finally bought a bigger apartment with our first balcony and I love it. I have always had a garden when living with my parents in Italy but, as you say, I took things for granted until you moved to Sweden 12 years ago for studying at university and I started to miss having a garden or a balcony. My balcony is much small (about 4sqm) but I managed to grow aromatic herbs, a small cherry tomato plant, small lemon tree, alpine berries and flowers... many flowers. Next summer I want to test more vegetables... I am still a beginner but I love it.

  3. Nice pictures of vegetables and flowers.

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