Friday, May 8, 2009

Finally seeing some progress

I finally figured out how to do the planters on the railing! I bought 4 30" window box planters, drilled holes in the side and tied them together with nylon rope. They hang over the railing like saddlebags. It's so simple, I can't believe how long it took me to come up with this solution. I planted one with strawberries, the other 3 have annuals. Nasturtiums are on the edge of the outside ones, so they can trail down in front. A few of my favorite annuals are interspersed with edible violas and pansies.

I'm still waiting on my Burpee order....but in the meantime I got a few herbs at the garden center. It's so tempting to buy everything in sight, but I have so little space. :(

See the milk jugs sitting under the grill? I'm using them to transport water. I think I might need to figure out a way to hook a hose up to my kitchen faucet though. I'm spending a LOT of time hauling water.

Nasturtiums hate to be transplanted, so I got them started in paper egg cartons, then I transplanted the entire thing into the window box. The paper will decompose and the roots can grow through without being disturbed!

Here's a view from inside. Note the bag of potting soil - I'm planning on getting more window boxes for vegetables. :)

The dishpans are finally starting to fill up with lettuce. (You can see how tall the peas are getting in the background.)

PEAS! I have snap, snow and garden peas planted. I'm using the railing for their support, it's supplemented with 100' of twine wrapped around and around. I think I'll have to add some supports to the other side of the dishpans, too.


  1. Very smart idea on the windowboxes. Sometimes we just have to "think outside the box" a little bit to get the solution we need. Brava! Everything looks awesome!

    Here's how I'm solving the watering problem: I got a 10-gallon painting pail from the hardware store, and put it under the overhang when it rains to collect rain water. I leave the pail outside with the lid on so the water doesn't evaporate, and I dip the watering can into it. Then I don't have to run in and out of the apartment to water the plants. It hasn't rained in a couple weeks, so now I fill up the pail in the bathtub: each morning when I start the shower water to warm up, the pail catches the cold water.

  2. I like the bucket idea. May have to steal that...

    I found out that you can get an adapter for faucets to be able to screw on a garden hose. Just have to find the time to go to a plumbing store!