Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm backdating this post to when the photos were taken. I've added 6 new window boxes - 2 20" and 4 30"

I've added a lot of herbs, pepper plants, and eggplants. Most of my Burpee stuff arrived fine. One of the peppers was completely stripped of it's foliage and the basil was almost a goner. I think I saved him though.

The peas aren't really cooperating with my plan for them to climb up the twine on the railing, so I got them some stakes.


  1. Peas... From what I've figured out about them, well, they're kind of stupid. They have these convenient tendrils on the ends of their leaves to help them climb--but they don't reach UP. It doesn't matter what you put next to them, they just can't figure out how to climb by themselves. They're like the ditzy cousins of the beans, which are excellent climbers here in the Indoor Garden. Actually, I had to use a staple gun and some twine to try to stop one of the beans from growing up the grow light's power cord, too close to the fixture and the heat it generates.

    The peas? Ditzes. But your garden is lookin' pretty nice--great use of vertical space!

  2. Thanks! And yes, the peas are rather stupid. I had to wind dozens of the little tendrils around the stakes to get them started. But I wonder if that's because I didn't put the stakes in right away...

    They're doing OK now, although a couple vines have reached the bottom of the window boxes, so I wonder where they think they're going? ;)