Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekly update: flowers and fruits...err...vegetables!

The hanging basket has filled out nicely. The lantana, sweet potato vines, marigolds, petunias and vinca are all doing really well. The nasturtiums...not so much - they're still about 4 inches tall, and no blooms.


Remember the pretty eggplant blooms from June 26? Well, a week-and-a-half later I see a couple little bitty fruits! They're about 1.5 inches long.

The squashes put out a huge amount of blooms this week! I may pinch a few off so the plants can have enough energy.

Looks like I'll get a decent crop of green beans. These are about 3" long.

The carrots handled their transplant very well. They're doing a lot better than the ones stuck with the squash. I think I'll have to pull those out, they're very stunted. The piggles will FEAST!

Peppers are doing a little better in their new home in the sun. Just two fruits so far on this 'Great Stuff' pepper.

This 'Anaheim' pepper is doing the best. I see at least 3 fruits and one more bloom. None of the other peppers have bloomed.

The second batch of onions I seeded are emerging. It only took them a week.

This particular nasturtium plant is doing very well. I think it likes the support of the taller surrounding pots.

The nasturtiums in the boxes hanging on the railing have stayed very compact. Even though they're blooming beautifully, I wish they'd do as I intended and cascade over the side of the balcony.

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  1. Erin, your garden is beautiful. Has everything in the right. Post more, not had enough yet. See you around.