Friday, April 2, 2010

Pea shoots + warm weather

Yesterday Mother Nature played a helluvan April Fools Day joke on us in the Midwest — the high was in the mid 80s. Yeah... It wasn't just a warm, pleasant spring day, it was kinda hot. The joke is that that amazing weather only lasted the day. The 10-day forecast has highs all in the mid 50s-mid 60s — good for my cool-weather crops, but I'll admit I'm itching for summer after that little taste. Mother Nature is such a tease!

And it's supposed to thunderstorm today, so I didn't ride my bike to work. But I'm kinda looking forward to the storm. I like thunderstorms — the charged air, strong fresh breeze, clean smell... Even just in this (so far) rainless spring I find myself taking extra deep breaths every time I step outside. It's just been such a relief. I don't know if I'd have been able to stand being cooped up indoors much longer.

Out on the balcony garden the peas certainly liked the warmth. They popped up like little jack-in-the-boxes. Wednesday there was just a hint of green in a couple spots and by this morning they'd put on almost an inch. They sure took their sweet time about it though — I planted them on March 16th. So maybe now they're trying to make up for being lazy before.

The chives put on a lot more growth, too. (Compare to this photo from Monday.)

The lettuce has grown, too. I can see a few secondary leaves now.

And the mint I cut back not quite 2 weeks ago put out a lot of fresh, tasty growth in the last couple days. I can almost taste the summer mojitos in my mouth. Mmmmm.

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