Thursday, April 1, 2010

Siberian Squill on Iowa State campus

The thing about having a very tiny balcony garden is that I have to find other places to revel in spacious beauty. Tall shade-trees, fragrant shrubs, large swaths of flowering bulbs, etc. Iowa State's campus fills that need very nicely. It's one of the most beautiful university campuses in the country. I went a little out of my way yesterday to get my spring bulb fix.

I adore the siberian squill on the hill next to the president's house (The Knoll). Squill is always the first flower up and blooming in the spring.

Up close they're so sweet and delicate. I can't get over the tiny blue line through each petal! Even the anthers are blue!

And they're so dramatic in large masses.

I really like this little clump of blue/white ones. They're a little larger and stuck out from the sea of blue-striped ones.

Also, the weather was nice enough that I slept with the windows open last night. It did get a little chilly (enough to wake me around 5am). But was otherwise awesome. And I rode my bike to work today. Oh, yes. It's spring :D


  1. That blue-and-white one is actually not a squill, but glory-of-the-snow (Chionodoxa). Sorry for being a "smartass" - it took me long enough to figure out what's what, too.

  2. Cool! I'm learning a lot about spring bulbs this week.