Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pea pods

Garden peas

Snow peas

This is just about all the harvest I got this year – barely a bowl-full of each type. Sad :(

I'm starting to think peas aren't worth growing. (I think this is about all I got out of them last year, too.) They take up a good chunk of space, are annoying to get to climb up supports (I've seriously never had a stupider plant), and don't produce all that much for the space.

Since I don't have much room, I think there are other things I'd rather grow. And it would be nice to open up a little more space. I know my man would appreciate that.

Although, nothing beats the taste of fresh peas. And, the leaves and stems of the pea plant are edible, and although it's getting pretty late in the season (when the stems get woody and stringy). Like many greens (like spinach) they're perfectly fine to eat raw — toss them in a salad or as a garnish. Or you can cook them.

I harvested just the newest, most tender growth.

Sauteed in a little oil

Finished with salt and pepper.

Even the strings are edible, though the texture is very weird. Some of the stems were too woody and unpalatable, but the leaves were still OK.

And that's my culinary adventure for the week ;)


  1. Your harvest is much better than mine! I got about 3 peas before my cucumber plant completely took over the container and knocked out the peas. I love your blog! I am so happy to have found it. And, I didn't know that you could eat the whole plant.

    Next year I am going to do the "tom thumb" peas from seed savers. Much smaller plant with big crop.

  2. This is one of the reasons I stopped growing peas too. Their output is not enough to make it worth the space they use. Real estate is precious in container gardens!

  3. Oh I didn't realize the leaves were good for eating too! Thanks

  4. hi there - just stumbled across your lovely blog. I've just harvested my mangetout as well and got two pretty small rounds of picking. I planted six plants in one pot, with hazel twigs for support. Your comment about their stupidity when climbing made me laugh - mine rambled off and grew up another plant, pretty much ignoring what I'd arranged for them! They taste great though. Inspired by you, I'll try the shoots in a salad tonight.