Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sowing Nasturtiums

I sowed the nasturtiums in paper egg cartons on April 12.

I noticed the first seedling April 20.

By April 22, most of the Spitfire's had emerged.

All but 2 of the seeds I planted sprouted. One died after I accidentally let them dry out. (All the others recovered!) And one was snapped off when I carelessly knocked them over. So I was left with 8. After I hardened them off I planted them so they can grow up the trellis.

I planted a few others directly in pots. I probably could have done this for all of them, because it didn't give them much of a head start.

Also planted a few of the seeds I saved from my nasturtiums last year. Only 4 of those have sprouted so far — one of them just appeared yesterday. So I'm going to keep my eye on those for awhile longer.

"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds."


  1. did you do any scarification or other to the seeds before you sowed them?

  2. Mary - Yes, I did. I figured that out the first time I grew nasturtiums. The ones that didn't get filed didn't sprout. Didn't want to risk it this year.

    Thanks, garden girl! :)

  3. lovely blog! greetings from a fellow lacto-ovo-vegetarian balcony owner from the czech republic :-)

  4. I always worry that I'd overscarify, so I never do it. I'd rather wait an extra week than destroy the embryo! All of mine germinated without such special treatment--probably because I'm a compulsive overwaterer, whether there's a plant in a pot or not. Surface soil is dry? Here, drink a gallon!

    I'm excited to see how your Spitfires do! I finally sowed some outside at Mr. Yogato the other week, and they're little plantlets now!

  5. mine also germinate without scarification. Last year they grew so fast and took so much space that this year i have decides to have just 5 plants :)