Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wildlife on the balcony — goldfinches

Last night I finally planted beans, a bunch more nasturtiums, and a few marigolds.

This morning I woke up to this.

This lovely lady goldfinch was having my marigolds for breakfast! I saw her mate flying around, but I didn't get a shot of him.

Last year I had hummingbirds going for the nasturtium flowers, this spring I had robins looking for worms, and now goldfinches! Awesome!


  1. congrats on the wildlife attraction!

  2. Cool. In my garden they love sunflowers. See if you can get some of the shorter varieties and plant some. If you plant them, they will come.

    btw, thanks for commenting on my 'Chicago Garden' blog. I see you have it in your blogroll so I added your blog to my blogroll there.


  3. Birds coming to balcony garden is a good sign, that the place is rich in biodiversity and the owner must be very kind... ~bangchik

  4. Nice :-) Much better having a goldfinch having your marigold for breakfast on your balcony than having your cat having a bluetit for breakfast on your balcony... speaking from experience :-/

  5. Thanks :D

    I never intended to attract wildlife, but I guess we have the same taste in plants. I'd like to try sunflowers, I'll have to look up a good short, fast growing variety.