Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bug Cop patrols the tomatoes

The first tomatoes I've ever grown are so red, ripe and absolutely delicious. They're like little Christmas ornaments hanging on a festive tomato-tree.

But what's this?! Poop on the basil? Ewww! Where'd it come from?

Eeewwwwwww! More on the tomato leaves! And it's fresh!

OMG! THEY"RE EATING MY TOMATO LEAVES! I must become Bug Cop to investigate and find the insectoidial criminal!

The search ensues....

You aren't eating the're just an earwig. Ugly, but harmless.

Hi, Ms. Spider, you're not causing any trouble...looks like you even got something for lunch...good!

You! You, Mr. Hornworm, are causing a lot of trouble. Bad! Bad! Bad! Time to squish...


I hoped it was the end, but I keep checking, and keep finding more hornworms. I'll probably have to search all summer.

To Be Continued...


  1. besides patrolling and squishing these worms (I thought they were caterpillars) is there anything you can do to prevent them? They totally destroyed our broccoli and cauliflowers!

  2. Beautiful tomatoes, all the wonderful veggies you can grow in small spaces. I have like 6 varieties growing strong but still have no fruit. I can't wait to taste my organic tomatoes. By the way what kind of tomatoes did you grow? Please visit my page when you have a chance, I have a small garden too! Thanks :)

  3. Hi brooke — I don't know if there's anything you can do about them without resorting to chemicals...And I think they are caterpillars, but for some reason we call them "hornworm" I've no idea why!

    Priscilla — It's a Patio by Bonnie. It's very small (maybe a couple feet tall) and determinate. Perfect for a container. Heading over to your blog now!

  4. Sorry about the worms, but your tomatos look gorgeous anyways!

  5. I kept finding them and the neighbor thought I was looking at me like I was crazy inspecting my leaves and yelling at the critters... Oh well!! All for the love of gardening!

  6. My wife squishes 'em under her strappy sandals. They pop like grapes!