Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm back!!!


Wow, it's been awhile, but spring is here and I'm back! I figure it has to be spring for 3 reasons. One, the robins are back in Iowa, and they're singing. Two, my pot of chives is sprouting. Three, it's been in the 50-60's for a week. So I figure the return of seasonal wildlife, growing green things and temps warm enough to get away with short sleeves for a few hours in the afternoon are clear signs that winter is behind me.

Green things! Happy-dance time!

Yesterday I cleaned up the dead stuff that I didn't get to last fall. That was icky. Then I discovered that the rosemary's pot split in two, so I repotted the rosemary in another pot. And I saw that my compost pretty much successfully composted over the winter. Cool.

Today I planted salad greens and cilantro. Two 10" pots of cilantro—the seeds were leftover from last year. Two planters on the railing of salad greens—the seeds were a gift from Renee's Garden. Thanks!!!

Also, I have to (sadly) announce that this is going to be the last season for my blog.
But it's because Dave and I didn't renew our lease, and (very happily) plan to buy a house.

So I plan on mostly growing things that will be done by the time our lease is up at the end of July. (Suggestions are very much welcome.) Which will be a challenge, but who wants to move an entire garden?! Not this girl! Last time we moved I had enough trouble with just a few houseplants.

But I hope to have a new garden and all sorts of home-ownership adventures next year, so maybe I'll start a new blog :)