Monday, May 30, 2011

End of May


I'm really sorry that I've been so bad about updating. It's just that this spring has been really cool, so things haven't really taken off, so it never seemed like I had much to report. But I finally have something green in every pot, so you won't be subjected to completely bare, brown photos.

The herbs are very happy outside again. I harvested from them lightly, but regularly, through the winter, and they didn't put out much new growth, so they got snipped down pretty far, but they've taken off in the last couple weeks.

Last year was my first experience with growing a tomato. I decided one wasn't enough. I got 3 this year.

Got 5 varieties of pepper. I don't like to think I'm missing out on something really great, so I like to get lots of varieties, instead of many of just one variety. Got a couple well-known ones and a couple I hadn't heard of before. Sweet peppers: Bell Boy, Italian Sweet, California Wonder. Hot peppers: Hot Portugal and Jalapeno.

Also got new basil and mint plants.

It's been cool enough that the mesclun mix I planted is still going. But it'll meet it's end this week. I'll harvest it before it gets too hot. Salads for me!

And the cilantro is fabulous. I need to make vegetarian burritos so I can use it before it gets too hot.

I sowed nasturtiums and marigolds a couple weeks ago. They took their sweet time coming up, but they're looking pretty strong now.

Also have a little bunch of self-seeded petunias or violas. I guess we'll see what exactly they are when they bloom.

Oh, and I haven't seen it do this before—the rosemary bloomed. Cool!

And a maple self-seeded in the big planter and survived the winter, so I saved him and put him in his own little pot.

Overall, things are way behind where they were last year. In May 2010 the peppers were much bigger and blooming. And the tomato was also much larger and also blooming.

The weather this year just stinks.