Monday, July 20, 2009

Post-storm update


Not looking too bad after yesterday's storm. Just some of the more delicate flowers (petunias and nasturtiums) are a little ragged.

But the squash started to topple over the edge!

Then it stormed AGAIN today! And more fell over the edge. Maybe they'll continue to grow like that?

8/13/09 update: Eh, no. They didn't grow. They survived for a week or two, then shriveled up and died. I have one cucumber vine hanging on. It looks like it'll continue to trail over the edge. And it has a couple fruits. They're only a couple inches long now. So, I'm adding squash to my list of things I'll probably not try again next year.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rain and beans


This morning was very dreary, cloudy and damp from last night's rain. I picked off another half dozen Japanese beetles – drowned them in soapy water. I guess the garlic didn't work. Allegedly the smell of the corpses deters more from coming. We'll see…

I'm glad for the rain (I don't have to water so often), but it's not good for my fungus infected strawberry plants. I got a copper spray for them. It will, of course, only stop the fungus from spreading. The infected spots will remain infected. I'll remove them when I get a chance.

Look at how well the mints (bottom center) are doing! It might be time for a mojito party!
And the lemon thyme (at the top) is spilling out of the planter. No idea what I'm going to do with all of it.

I got my first harvest of green beans. And it looks like many more are on the way!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekly update: flowers and fruits...err...vegetables!


The hanging basket has filled out nicely. The lantana, sweet potato vines, marigolds, petunias and vinca are all doing really well. The nasturtiums...not so much - they're still about 4 inches tall, and no blooms.


Remember the pretty eggplant blooms from June 26? Well, a week-and-a-half later I see a couple little bitty fruits! They're about 1.5 inches long.

The squashes put out a huge amount of blooms this week! I may pinch a few off so the plants can have enough energy.

Looks like I'll get a decent crop of green beans. These are about 3" long.

The carrots handled their transplant very well. They're doing a lot better than the ones stuck with the squash. I think I'll have to pull those out, they're very stunted. The piggles will FEAST!

Peppers are doing a little better in their new home in the sun. Just two fruits so far on this 'Great Stuff' pepper.

This 'Anaheim' pepper is doing the best. I see at least 3 fruits and one more bloom. None of the other peppers have bloomed.

The second batch of onions I seeded are emerging. It only took them a week.

This particular nasturtium plant is doing very well. I think it likes the support of the taller surrounding pots.

The nasturtiums in the boxes hanging on the railing have stayed very compact. Even though they're blooming beautifully, I wish they'd do as I intended and cascade over the side of the balcony.

Strawberry leaf spot and Japanese beetles


I noticed this little beetle on my green beans last night. I promptly squished him. Look at what he did!


After looking around some more I found a dozen making their way through the strawberry plants. I squished them too. A couple got away, but I sprinkled garlic powder over everything hoping that would keep them away.

I checked this morning and didn't see any more. So hopefully the garlic was good enough. But, I'm keeping my eyes open.


Actually the strawberries got a double-whammy…they also have what I think is strawberry leaf spot.
So, I'm off to the garden center for an organic fungicide.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1 Census


click to enlarge

I took inventory of what's growing right now. The above photo gives a general idea of what's growing where. The color refers to the sort of plant. The size refers to roughly how much room it uses.


Beans (green)
Onions (bunching)
Pepper (Anaheim)
Peppers – sweet (5 varieties)
Squash (summer, spaghetti)

Basil (sweet, cinnamon, spicy)
Lemon Verbena
Mint (orange, peppermint, spearmint)
Oregano (variegated, Greek)
Sage (regular, pineapple)
Thyme (regular, lemon)

Edible flowers:

Sweet potato vine

I forgot what a few were called...and I can't find the tags I supposedly stuck in the pot.
small yellow flower
small pink flower
pink/green groundcover

Done + removed: