Friday, January 16, 2009

Categorizing my garden

Maybe it's my slight tendency toward OCD, but I like things to be ordered. So I was thinking about how my not-yet-created garden could be labeled. I pulled the following images from all around the interwebs and photoshopped them for a touch of whimsy. It's also sort of how I'm seeing this garden in my mind. It's starting to take shape, but still rather vague.

Plus looking at all that green lushness made me happy. I'm so looking forward to spring!

Apartment Garden
A little green can go a long way

Victory Garden
ah, propaganda

Balcony Garden
a bit suburban, but cozy

Urban Garden
if only my landlord wasn't so conventional

Hanging Garden
Mine will only get maybe a 7' cascade before it'll get in the way of my downstairs neighbors, but oh I wish it could look like this!

Container Garden
almost doesn't look like they're growing in pots!

Vegetable Garden
a little hard to make out, but it's a quite efficient and utilitarian garden.
I want mine to be just as productive, but prettier

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