Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shipment news #1

My seeds from Burpee shipped today! Yay!!! Lettuce and Stevia seeds are on their way. They'll ship the plants later when it's warmer. I'm getting so excited.

Stevia plants look so simple, unassuming and even a bit weedy, but they're DAMN TASTY!

I bought a box of Stevia sweetener whilst grocery shopping this weekend. I'll admit, it was an impulse buy and cost $6. Ouch. It's kinda weird... definitely sweet, but it has it's own subtle flavor and greenish color when dissolved. It's nice for adding to my morning oatmeal, though. And I really like it for impromptu lemonade. (squirt of bottled lemon juice + 1 packet Stevia + 12oz water) Haven't tried it in tea yet - I'm a little afraid of how it will affect the taste...

Definetly not practical for cookies though. Not at that price.

I can't wait until I have my own plants! I wonder how different the fresh leaves will be from the processed powder.

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