Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seeds + plant order

I was wandering around Target yesterday and thanked the garden gods that I hadn’t yet placed my online Burpee order – I spotted a kiosk of seeds! There were several that I had been planning on buying, so I grabbed a bunch since they were cheaper than their catalog/online counterparts. There’s probably less in a packet, but I don’t need much for my itty bitty garden anyway! And to make things even better there was also organic seeds. Woohoo!

Here's the plan so far:

From Target

Sean Conway - Organic (ok, ok - so the name caught me because my godfather's name is Sean Conway - but hey, it's organic! How could I resist?)
Garden Bean 1.69
Onion - Evergreen Long White Bunching 1.69
Cucumber – Muncher 1.69
Carrot - Chanteway 1.69
Cilantro 1.69
Chives - Common 1.69
Chives - Garlic 1.69
Nasturtium - peaches + cream 2.19
Nasturtium - tall mixed colors 2.19

Snow Pea - Dwarf Gray Sugar .99
Snap Pea - Sugar Sprint 1.89
Squash - Summer - Saffron 1.69
Squash - Winter - Spaghetti .99
Borage 1.69

Trowel .99
Cultivator .79

Total $25.24
Amount saved vs. online Burpee order - 8.50 (Awesome)

Online Burpee Order
Mesclun Sweet Salad Mix 2.95
Culinary Classics Herb Collection 21.95
Stevia, Sweet Leaf 4.95
Strawberry - Festival (Day Neutral) 14.95
Sweet Pepper Collection (6 plants, one of each) 19.95
Eggplant Fairy Tale - 1 order (3 plants) 11.95
Lettuce Gourmet Blend (Looseleaf) 2.95
Free Espoma Plant Food FREE (though I probably won't use it)
- $5 coupon
+$13.95 for shipping
Total $88.60 (More than I had hoped to spend, but the herbs and strawberries are perennials, so I won't have to get more next year.)

Total so far $113.84

Plants I’ll get at the local garden center
Chives (if my seeds don’t grow well)
Jalapeno pepper


  1. So much of this list looks amazing-- Especially the peppers and strawberries! And what a lucky thing-finding your seeds at target!

  2. Coming from Miss Veggies-Are-Icky herself - I'll take that as an outstanding compliment to my gardening/culinary tastes.

  3. actually- i have always liked peppers (and onions and carrots and spinage and zuccinni and artichokes...) but thats about it.. i just dont like salads....

  4. I am so looking forward to following your blog. Please don't lose interest in it, and keep posting every step of the way. I have always wanted to have my own small veggie garden, and now that I have my own apartment I am seriously considering it. You're my inspiration! :)

  5. Thanks Haylee! I'm hoping to capture every detail so hopefully you and others can get some good ideas and also learn from my mistakes. :)