Friday, July 16, 2010

Wine pansy

This is a pansy I grew from seed saved from last year. I know the plant I harvested the seeds from was a vibrant violet color, but I also had white/yellow, yellow/brown, and purple bordering on black pansies. I guess it cross-pollinated with the yellow/brown.

I really like the speckles.

Even though the colors are rather different, this bloom is off the same plant as the one in the first photo. It looks kind of washed out (some of the color reminds me of a blush wine), but I kinda like the little white edges on the petals.

This is a different plant, but the seed came from the same seed-pod. I really like the colors on this one.

Funny color combo on this little guy.

I have to wonder, if I saved the seeds from these, what will the next generation bring? I'll find out next year.


  1. I just LOVE pansies! They appear to have happy little faces. Love the mutations you have, especially that dark, wine color. Wow. I planted blue and a variety that looks like your top photo. Hear in the Northeast, the heat and humidity are proving too much and the plants are going to seed.

    I'm sure I'll see a few coming back in the early fall. Bet my downstairs neighbor will be surprised to see pansies coming up in the soil outside her patio railing (and, you're welcome, neighbor).

  2. wow I like your hybrids! Have fun with the F2 batch next year!

  3. That top pansy is gorgeous! Pansy's remind me of Alice in Wonderland- the singing flowers. "Have you ever seen an Alice with petals like that?" haha....

  4. Your Pansy is absolutely gorgeous! I have seeds but haven't planted them yet, one day...Have a great weekend! :)

  5. Awesome photos! I think you just made me like pansies. :P