Friday, June 5, 2009

Flowers + salads


The snow peas finally bloomed - and surprise....they're pink!


I think this'll be one of the last strawberry blooms.


Unfortunately, the mesclun bloomed, too. Maybe the guinea pigs will eat it anyway? I don't know if I'll be able to choke it down if it's bitter. Maybe I'll just cut them off and throw 'em in a vase.

This is what's left of one of the tubs of lettuce after yesterday's salad (and a bit to top a couple burgers.)


Some of the nasturtiums have dead patches in their leaves....I think it's leafhoppers :( Before I spray anything I'm going to try to find one to make sure I'm right. I don't want to have to spray pesticides over everything, so I think I'll try to attract some predatory insects first. If that doesn't work I'll try an organic pesticide.


  1. Nice looking and healthy plants..

    ~ bangchik

  2. The snow pea bloom IS beautiful! You manage to grow a lot on your balcony! Welcome to Blotanical, Erin!

  3. Hi Erin, I like the excitement you show for gardening on your deck/balcony! It proves you can have fun, and grow lots (veggies/herbs AND perennial flowers) in small spaces!!! I have quite a bit of room in my yard, and I have a deck, etc...and you really are inspiring;-) I visit several other balcony gardeners and I really enjoy seeing how creative you can be. It's funny--because I've lived in apartments, townhouses, military housing, etc. and never gardened at any of them! I wasn't 'bright' enough to realize I could use containers! Oh well...when I'm old and living in a retirement home, I'll have lots of great ideas for containers!! Take care! Jan

  4. Hey you grow a lots of veggies,flowers and herbs in small area.I like the pictures.I also have a balcony garden where i used so much containers for growing