Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why hallow there poppet!

The first of the garden peas!!! And such a handsome, sculptural vine+flower! This tub got off to a slow start, but now it has some of the tallest plants!

Turns out that height isn't the best indicator of vigor - these are the shortest peas (snap) but they already have a dozen blooms.

The snow peas don't have any flowers yet, and I thought they were off to the best start - best germination, rapid growth, etc.

I can't wait until these babies are ripe. Mmmmm. This bunch is the farthest along, some plants are still flowering, and a few are just leaves this year, I should get a really good crop out of them next year though!

The last batch of seeds were planted the week of May 17. On top are the garden beans. Bottom: left - bunching onions; center - carrots; right - squash.

I planted 2 kinds of chives. Regular on the left, and garlic on the right. I wonder if there's a reason why the garlic chives came up faster...I thought I planted them the exact same.

More onions and carrots....

Borage is on the left. Cilantro on the right. Cilantro took almost a week longer to emerge than the borage.

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  1. Cool! Plants are lookin' good!

    My peas are still trying to learn how to climb, but I added a kind of dangling twine jungle, so maybe that will help. I want them to flower--I can't wait for a nice stirfry!