Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday recap + rearranging the balcony

Here's a pretty for your Monday.


And another (the nasturtiums I grew from seed are blooming!)

I've been up to a lot lately. I was out-of-town Thursday and Friday; when I got back I spent a couple hours cleaning up (i.e. deadheading (will somebody slap me if I buy this many petunias and violas next year?) )

I also picked a bowl full of strawberries...and ate them. Piggles got the green tops.


Tantalizing, aren't they?


And had enough peas to qualify as a side dish with dinner. Hubby got the shelled peas.  

Mmmmm. Steamed peas.....

The orange mint mentha was getting a bit out of hand, so I hacked off a couple stems and made tea.


 I poured hot water over 2 tea bags and the crushed mentha leaves, let it sit for 5 minutes, drained, sweetened with 1/4 cup of sugar, and iced. It made a whole pitcher! Very delicious.

Later I decided the pineapple sage was similarly overrunning the pot and took out a couple stems of it. Made tea the same way (but with 1 tea bag instead of 2 – 2 bags was getting kind of strong) and added 1/2 a can of concentrated lemonade to the pitcher. It was so yummy! Even my husband liked it. I'll definitely have to do it again, I have half a can of lemonade left anyway.

The basil tried to flower – again. So I made pasta sauce :) It turned out very yummy. Used a ton of basil, and did the first harvest of oregano.

And then, since I didn't have enough going on, I rearranged the deck.

I couldn't do anything drastic since pots are heavy and things are growing onto each other and the railing, but I moved the chairs so they weren't facing the grill (not the best view) and scooted the pots around so the peppers in the big planter box could get better light. I scrapped what was left of the lettuce (Piggles got it) and stowed those dishpans-turned-planters in the garage (along with the bottoms off the hanging boxes – they kept dropping off onto the lawn.) I pulled up a bunch (most) of the pansies and violas from the hanging boxes. It all looked good when it was first planted, but then stuff – of course – grew. So I plopped them in a few new terracotta pots and stuck them under the chairs. They fill that visual void nicely.


click for larger image

(I used Photoshop to merge individual shots into this image - it's not perfect – take a close look at the chair on the right. lol)

click for larger image

(Again, photomerged. This one is better - I used about 20 individual photos, and it took about 15 minutes to do the action, but I think it was worth the wait to be able to get the whole thing in one image. It's still not perfect – the chairs and the grill have funny-looking bits.)


Before (from inside)

After (from inside)

The peppers haven't been doing well – I think it's the wet and cloudy weather. It's supposed to be sunny and 95º today. That'll help them, but I don't think I'll be going out there until late. It's HOT!


  1. wow, those merged photos are wicked! I have been thinking about doing something similar, but haven't gotten around to it. Maybe I'll try tonight? Your deck is looking splendid!

  2. Thanks! I really like how it's coming. Of course, it'll have to change again when the peas are done in a couple weeks and I rip them out. Not sure if I'll put something in their place, start on a fall crop, or be happy with more floor space.

  3. WOW, you go girl!! You've done so much in such a small space... hat's off to you!!

  4. Your balcony looks incredibly inviting and all your plants look great! I'm about to go out now and do a little work since it's cooled off a bit. Cheers!

  5. As always, I love your blog. Your the only one I follow n how I found you I'm not sure. So, as a thank you I wanted to share my favorite Sun Tea brew with ya. I dont measure I just add- mostly pineapple sage, orange mint, apple mint n a little bergmot. Thats it- light n fruity- AWESOME! Hope you like it :)

  6. Apple mint!? I haven't heard of that before. I'll have to see if I can find some next year. Your tea sounds delicious – I'll have to try the pineapple sage and orange mint together for my next brew. Thanks :)