Monday, June 22, 2009

Pot Envy

I came across this wonderful balcony on Apartment Therapy. After a little internet sleuthing I found the Angel's Garden website– a container-scaping business in SanFran – and am sincerely head-over-heels in love. Everything is so colorful, even the empty pots don't look drab. I wish I had the budget to invest in pretty ceramics.

I'm not so much envious of the window box as the amazing succulents. Again, this is from AT. is asking people to submit photos of their veggie gardens. This one by patio_garden seems to be coming along really well. Looks like they have really nicely built planter boxes and I'm loving the deep blue pots against the warm wood and bright green veggies (and blue flowers). I spy tomatoes, basil, salad greens, lavender and mint? Very nice!


  1. It's so true that pretty pots add colour and liveliness to a balcony even if the plants in them are just green. For this year, maybe you can try to paint some terracotta pots with bright colours? I think acrylic paints are waterproof and should not scale off. Create your own design :-)