Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Went for a drive – Iowa countryside

The boxelder is actually turning a nice shade of yellow this year. Last year the green leaves just fell off before they turned.

The weather this afternoon was perfect. So I took a drive and snapped a few photos.

Down the street the maples look spectacular. I wonder if it will improve or if this is as vibrant as they'll get?

You can click to make the photo bigger.
I love the architecture of Iowa barns. These 3 are great examples of the evolution of dairy barns.

The mottled colors in this valley caught my eye.

A couple more cool barns.

A local county park. It's so busy in the summer, felt really weird that I was all alone there today.

The corn turned awhile ago. But I guess the farmers have been waiting for things to dry out before they harvested their crop.

Speaking of crops...I'm about ready to bring some of mine in. There was a teeny film of frost on the ground this morning, but not up on the balcony. Still, I can't procrastinate. It's time to prep for winter!


  1. Love the blue sky -- it makes those red leaves really pop. Our sky has looked a little grey for the past week.

  2. Wow! it looks lovely. Vivid colors!

  3. Parks are really wierd when you are used to people being in them all the time.
    My wife and I went to a city park the morning after a hard freezing rain and it was vacant except for a lone jogger.
    Ice crystals hung from everywhere. It was great.

  4. What lovely photos!

  5. Those are wonderful photos, Erin! But frost, oh my.... :( It's almost worth there being frost if you are surrounded by such scenery, however. If only DC would empty out like your park did! LoL

  6. Glad everyone liked the photos! It's gloomy again today, so I'm glad I have them to remind me of nice weather!

    I heard it's supposed to snow this weekend! Do not want!!!